An imaginary evening (or Chapter 3’s ending)

I’ve been back for a week, already, but not quite completely. What I thought was going to be holidays became a intense race against time : let’s make as many things as possible happen before I leave. A sleepless weekend programming the Sausage Productions identities before the Manuela launch. The most intense two weeks I’ve had in a while for the organization of Peace and Noise and the amok aftermath (did you get a Post-Postrutsche-Postpartum too?). Meetings and dinners and evenings and concerts, all so lovely and beautiful. Another couple of nights past closing time at this certain bar…

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Shame Over – Murena Murena (2016)

Some albums ask for a laidback listening. Some you can listen to casually, put them in cars or in bars, making people fall in love for the length of one song, making them ask “Wow who’s that?”… Some other albums may seem hermetic when you first taste them, because they need to be listened to in one sitting, while doing nothing else. Then, you are able to hear the distant but rapidly approaching siren’s call to dive into them, to drown into them.

Murena Murena’s albums, though, manage to be extremely satisfying in whichever kind of listening you give them. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. From different networks, in different cities and universes, I watched people’s faces light up with that very special glow of getting surprised and transported by music. I’ve watched people fall in love with songs while listening to Murena Murena, the same way I fell in love with Ghoaster Coaster, some time ago. And it’s a boundless love adventure. You can always dig deeper into the Murena Murena sound and always find hidden gems you’ve overlooked before. Just like Ghoaster Coaster, Shame Over is willing to embark the journey of a long-term relationship with you.

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On Tour

A train ride. A gig in Linz. A tour bus ride. A gig in Vienna. A day in Vienna. Another gig in Vienna. A night of dancing. A car ride back to Munich again.

When put like this, it seems pretty ordinary, the life on tour is pretty minimalist : travel, look for something to eat, perform / set up / do whatever your job is, drink a lot along the way. But life on tour is also about discovering or rediscovering cities and venues, meeting old friends scattered all over the world and making new ones, and enjoying this lovely feeling of being right here right now, somewhere else with other faces, for the sole purpose of sharing your art.

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Year in Review – 2015 in Munich again

Here we are, at the end of 2015, a completely incredible year. 2015 is the year where the Munich Underground Scene actually became completely tangible to me. I was here from January 22nd to February 4th, and now I’ve been here since November 4th. I had all the time in the world to completely dive into the networks that I love, to take in the energy that these people can give you, to go with the Munich Flow… There was so, so, so much great music in 2015, you have no idea…

So here you have it, a small and humble and completely subjective recap (in alphabetical order) of all the releases that meant a lot to me, and mentions of some great things to come in 2016… Enjoy!

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Peace and Noise and a new chapter of the story

Let me tell you a story. The story of a fangirl living the dream. It’s a tale of diving head first into opportunities, a tale of shared passion for music, a tale of love fusing from all sides.

In this story, this fangirl left her fingerprints all over the musical stories of a city. Somewhere, in the last year, Emilie-the-crazy-girl-from-Canada, Emilie-from-munichagain, became part of the Munich Scene that she wrote so much about.

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